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Hotel Discounts

Members receive a full 50% off the rack rate at thousands of participating hotels around the world. Members also receive corporate discount codes that provide up to 60% off corporate hotels. (Listed below)

When you become a member, you will have full access to our members-only section, where you will discover hotels across the globe that offer our members up to 60% off. You will also receive your very own membership card and access to our members only section. Members receive discounts in over 100 countries and over 1000 cities, including hotel discounts at every major airport in the world.

The discount process is as easy as can be. You simply sign in to the members area and find the hotel that you want to stay at. You then call the number listed to make your reservations and provide the corporate ID# or tell the operator you are a member. At check-in you will show the hotel your membership card. It's that simple!

The list of hotels below give our member's discounts at a corporate level, which basically means that the discount is available worldwide at their locations. It doesn't matter where and when you stay, you simply provide the corporate discount code that is located in the members only section and receive a discount at any of the locations below.

Our list of hotels is growing daily! We are saving leisure and business travelers hundreds and thousands of dollars on their travel every day. Between our corporate discount codes and our 50% off directory, we are positive you will save money on your next hotel stay.

Feel free to check out the Hotel discounts in our Discount Directory. When viewing the directory select "Accommodations" from the Category drop-down menu of discounts and then click the Select button.


FEATURED HOTELS. Brand names are for example only and are based on availability. The logos, insignias, designs, and trademarks that are represented here are reproduced only to show examples of featured hotels. They are not to be construed as product or brand name endorsements by or for the trademark owners.